Monthly Archives: January 2009

Late Night at the Science Museum

Last night six members of the dojo took part in a demonstration at the Science Museum at one of its late night openings. We were asked to put on three displays between 7-10pm as part of a Japanese themed night leading up to the opening of the Japan Car gallery. Some 3000 people came though [...]

Hizen Kangeiko 5-9th January 2009

This is when in our dojo the theme and aims of the coming year are set out by our Sensei these are: Relaxed cutting action with correct weight of cut in application Correct physical alignment before during and after the cut Spirited attacks with purpose and reason No unnecessary actions Day OneThe first day of [...]

Hizen Winter Taikai 4th January 2009

This event is the first for most of the members, Hizen Dojo holds two internal taikai every year; this taikai has three sections. Explanation of the rules Members challengeAn individual taikai for beginners up to and including 2nd Dan. To even the chance of the beginners each graded member is given a handicap of one [...]

BKA Kyusha Taikai and Kangeiko 3rd January 2009

This was the second attempt to hold this competition, as in September last year the floor of the venue was unsuitable for kendo so it was rescheduled. Only three members from Hizen competed in this taikai: Chi Fung, Konstantin Shaposhni Kov and David Jordan. There were also many Dan grades from Hizen who came to [...]