Jeff HummMr. Jeff Humm is the youngest 7th dan in the British Kendo Association and the only one to hold a Masters degree in Traditional Japanese Martial Arts. Born into a family who loved Japanese martial arts, Jeff had already studied several other systems by the age of 14, but at this young age he chose kendo to be his main art.

At 18, he left for Japan to study the culture and arts of his passion. Practising three times a day, seven days a week for two years gave him a great foundation. On returning a few years later, he took his place in the Nation Team and represented the UK for the next ten years, travelling the world and making many new friends. He was invited to train with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, which he did on annual visits over the following 20 years. During this time, he has been the coach and manager of both the UK men’s and ladies’ National Teams, as well as teaching in Europe.

Back in London, he and a few of the members of the class based in Euston have set up the Hizen Foundation, a registered charity for the promotion of the benefits of kendo and other like arts. He works tirelessly to achieve this goal and all his time and knowledge is given voluntarily to this cause. He is now focusing on teaching only traditional kendo to his students, as he feels that the sport aspects of the art have become too mainstream and there is a possibility that the true concepts of kendo could slowly be lost.


  • MSc Traditional Martial Arts (Middlesex University)
  • 7th dan   Europe
  • Renshi   Japan   (Japanese teaching qualifications)
  • 6th dan   Japan
  • 5th dan   Japan
  • 4th dan   Japan
  • 3rd dan   Japan
  • 2nd dan   Japan
  • 1st dan    UK

Positions currently held

  • Hizen Foundation Chairman and Trustee
  • Hizen Dojo Head Instructor
  • Chief Instructor for the Lithuanian Military
  • International and National Instructor
  • International and National Referee
  • Member of National Technical Board
  • National Coaching Examiner

Previously held positions

  • Principle Instructor of Lithuania
  • Vice Chairman of the British Kendo Association
  • British Kendo Association Kendo Bu High grade
  • National Team Manager
  • National Team Coach Male and Female
  • National Team Member
  • Head Instructor and Founder of Kendo at UCL 1990–2000
  • Head Instructor, Kent University

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