Kendo Europe

British Kendo Association
The official site of the B.K.A.
All UK dojo listed and quarterly newletter
European Kendo Federation
The official site of the E.K.F.
Good links to European clubs and events
Austrian Kendo Association
In German and (some) English
Belgian Kendo Renmei
In English and French
Czech Kendo Federation
In Czech and English
Danish Kendo Federation
In Danish and English  nice site, kendo summer camps etc.
French Kendo Federation
First you will need to download the Flash Plugin – then you will require patience and buckets of zanshin
Federazione Nazionale Italiana Kendo
Comprehensive site in Italian and English
Information about Italian Kendo
Comprehensive site in Italian and English
Finish Kendo Association
English section not available, but the Pori Kendo Club has a better site with English

German Kendo
Comprehensive site in German and English with some Japanese
Luxembourg kendo (FLAM)
Contact Luxembourg’s 14 members (well, it’s a small country)
Netherlands Kendo Renmei
Up-to-date site in Dutch and English
Portuguese Kendo Association
Useful site in Portuguese and English
The Swedish Budo Federation
Budo site includes kendo section in Swedish and English
Russian Kendo
In Russian only, good-looking site
Kendo Switzerland
In German, French, Italian and English – they also make superb chocolate

Equipment Suppliers

Hizen Ya
UK Suppliers of Traditional Japanese Craft items
UK Kendo Equipment Suppliers
Japanese Suppliers, site in Japanese and English
Japanese Suppliers, site in Japanese and English
Bujin Design
US Equipment Suppliers – online catalog
Aoi Budogu
Canadian Equipment Suppliers – online catalog
Specialist suppliers of Bokken in various woods

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Japanese Sword Groups

To-ken Society
The Token society of Great Britain is an organisation dedicated to the study and preservation of Japanese swords, fittings and armour.
Kjartan – Japanese Sword Arts FAQ
Extensive Information about Japanese Sword Arts.

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Japan Info

As most people intend to travel to Japan at some time, this page is to gather together some information on Kendo shops/dojos etc.

Information and links about Japan for your visit.

Tokyo Kudan
Sakuraya & Co Ltd
3-4 ,kudan kita 1chome,
Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO
TEL 03-3262-1969
FAX 03-3262-1464

Budo shop for Kendo,Iaido,Aikido,Judo,Karate
open 10am to 7pm
closed Wednesday and Sunday Very Near Kudan Shita underground station, and the Nihon Budokan.

Tokyo Shibuya

Shokodo (name might be wrong)
2-17-3, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku,
TEL 03-3463-0471
FAX 03-3463-0471

Kendo/Iaido Shop In the ‘love hotel’ area of Shibuya
closed Wednesday and Sunday

Saitama Urawa Shobu \\ 2-16-16,Nakamachi,Urawa-Shi,Saitama-Ken
TEL 048-832-3160
Friendly Kendo Shop Near Urawa station (JR Line)
Kyoto Tozando Co.
Ltd 283 Sugiya-cho Sakaimachi Matsubara Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto City
600-8078 Japan
Established Company
Oosaka Meirin
Rokumantai-Cho 1-32
Osaka 543-0074 Japan
TEL: 081-6-6772-3026
FAX: 081-6-6772-3028 �e-mail: �
Iaido and Kendo Equipment
Website in Japanese and English

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Kendo Asia – Oceania – Africa

All Japan Kendo Federation
The Official Site of the A.J.K.F
English Language Version not available at the moment.
Australian Kendo Renmei
Temporary site linking to documents in Word (ugh!) format
In Chinese
Hong Kong Kendo Association
Big Site for Hong Kong in English/Cantonese
South African Kendo Federation
Small Site – in English
Singapore Kendo Club
In English

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Budo Related Websites

White Rose Kyudojo
Japanese Archery (Kyudo) Dojo website based in London, UK. The White Rose Kyudojo is the Headquarters Dojo for the British Association for Japanese Archery (BAJA).
Paul Martin
Japanese Sword Appraisal website by former student of Jeff Humm.
eikenkai, kendo life in Japan
A personal website dedicated mostly to showing the various kendo pictures taken over the years in Japan

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Kendo Americas

Canadian Kendo Federation
The Official Site of the C.K.F Good History of Canadian Kendo.
All United States Kendo Federation
The Official Site of the A.U.S.K.F Professional up-to-date Site.
Argentina Kendo
In Spanish
Brazilian Kendo
In Portuguese
Mexican Kendo Federation
In Spanish