Late Night at the Science Museum

Last night six members of the dojo took part in a demonstration at the Science Museum at one of its late night openings. We were asked to put on three displays between 7-10pm as part of a Japanese themed night leading up to the opening of the Japan Car gallery. Some 3000 people came though the doors many of which watched us give a basic insight into Kendo. Members of the public included students of Imperial collage kendo club who cancelled their practice to come and watch us perform.

The first display gathered about 200 people, with very good reactions and positive comments; we had taken a different display area as the floor was not up to the punishment of Kendo footwork. The final area turned out to be a great choice, as it gave us more room and let a great number of people have access. In the second display the numbers tripled and from our point of view the second performance had the best energy.

Humm Sensei had the audience in his control and spent some time talking to the people after each performance. Many of the staff in the Museum commented on the reactions of the public and how much they personally had enjoyed the night.

This kind of event is very important, not only for the dojo but for kendo in the UK, the viewing public are able to see a correct image of the art. In all a great evening out and hopefully very fruitful for the dojo.

Photos by Nena Nogic