Monthly Archives: June 2009

BKA National Kendo-no-Kata Seminar 20-1st June 2009

This year’s kata seminar took place on 20th and 21st of June and was hosted by Hizen. People from all over Europe attended a successful seminar. It was run by John Howell Sensei (Kyoshi Nanadan) and our very own Jeff Humm Sensei (Renshi Nanadan). Day oneAfter the opening Rei, Howell Sensei gave us an insight [...]

Kata Taikai 21st June 2009

This year’s taikai was held at our dojo at the end of the first day of the national Kata seminar. This year there were 12 pairs taking part, the level of ability was high, more so due to spending four hours before the taikai practising all the forms.There were also a few people from a [...]

Bowden and Premier Taikai June 6-7th June 2009

This year’s Sir Frank Bowden Taikai and Premier’s Cup took place on 6th and 7th June at Reading. Hizen entered 4 teams in the Bowden Taikai and 7 members took part in the Premier’s Cup, making us the biggest group at both events.Over the two days Hizen members demonstrated outstanding kendo and achieved brilliant results. [...]