Hizen Winter Taikai 4th January 2009

This event is the first for most of the members, Hizen Dojo holds two internal taikai every year; this taikai has three sections.

Explanation of the rules

Members challenge
An individual taikai for beginners up to and including 2nd Dan. To even the chance of the beginners each graded member is given a handicap of one point against them. The first round is pools system with two going though to a knock-out league. Prizes are given for the first three places and fighting spirit, best Oji waza and Shikake waza.
This year the numbers were low with only 24 taking part but a good level of Kendo with a wide range of skill was seen. With Phil Wilson the winner, second place went to Peter Tornkvist and third to Andrew Bill. The fighting spirit was awarded to Diego Luis Oriani. This year there was no outstanding Shikake or Oji waza so no award was given.

Seniors Cup
The next is a one point taikai for members that hold 3rd Dan they all fight each other and the one with the most wins is the victor, if there is an equal amount of wins the times of each point scored are added together and the person who has won in the quickness over all time is the winner. Prize is for first place only.
Only five out of the twelve 3rd Dan in the dojo took part this year due to work or family commitments, but a very impressive tournament with an outstanding performance by the winner Alex Burch who showed her natural ability to read opponents and apply the right cut at the right time.
Humm Sensei keeping his eye on proceedings

Fusen Tanker
All members are split into even numbers and grades and red and white balloons are tied to the top of the MEN. At first each colour may only attack the opposite. Once one colour has been wiped out, then the remaining members can attack each other until only one person is left with their balloon. Prize for the winner only.

As always the enjoyment of this event by all the members was a great finish to the day’s events. The final person left was Andrew Bill who had previously won this before some two are three years ago, together with his other placing he took his prize and may have spent the night drinking from it. 

Winners of the Winter Taikai 2008/9

Photos J. Martin