On the 8th February at the end of the EKF seminar for refereeing a grading was held up to 7th Dan using the opportunity of having senior Japanese Hanshi in attendance.

 Jeff Humm (46) was one of 3 to pass 7th Dan at this grading.
After a long wait and all the other Dan examinations over the early participants take their place to watch the final test of the day. There was quietness in the hall as the grading brings and the focus of everyone turns to the 11x11m area. The Sensei take their seats and the challenge begins.

The grading takes a standard form:

Stage 1
Two free practices which last one minute thirty seconds each. The qualities of the grade are to be shown to the panel in a natural and relaxed manner. No cut or unnecessary movements without reason are to be made.

Stage 2
If the participant passes stage 1 then they are required to perform all 10 forms of the Kendo no Kata with the highest level of feeling, control and understanding of purpose.

The members of Hizen Dojo look forward to our Sensei’s return.

Report by G. Rukas
Photos Theo Van Vliet