EKF Referee’s Seminar 7-8th February 2009

Each year the European Kendo Federation holds a seminar which 5th Dan and above Kendoka can attend to improve their refereeing skills, in addition other members join to help by taking part in shiai to help with the practice parts of the course. This year Gerrardus Rukus and Humm Sensei attended.

In the above group photo some of you may recognise Bob Harris an old member of the Dojo who has now lived in Sweden for some years, he has coached the National Swedish team and has had many other personal successes.

The seminar takes place over two days, with top Japanese Sensei teaching and selecting the referees for this year’s world championship in Brazil. Each country nominates three of their senior kendoka to attend. Each is given a number and is given practical tests while the others watch. Each point given is then questioned and analyzed.

The matches are made up from members who have come from shiai practice and they spend the two days fighting on two courts with various different kendoka.

During the seminar there are also theory and Q&A sessions which give the members a great opportunity to hear in detail the finer points of refereeing.

At the end of each day there is a large free practice with all the members taking part which is normally followed by dinner and a few drinks in the bar where old stories are told and new friends are made.

Photos by G.Rukas