Watchet Grading 17th May 2009

Congratulations to the following for passing at the Watchet grading last weekend,

Nidan – Misuk Bae; Sandan – Peter Tornkvist; Yondan – Yukiko Miyamura.

As one of the panel on the grading board, I should not comment on these gradings but as the Instructor of the Dojo I can say that each of the members managed to show their best on the day and shined in their respective grades. I hope that this will confirm that the present training in the Dojo is developing in the right direction.
Well done to the three of you for passing through these levels and please remember the work starts now.
Also I would like to comment on the great role that Satoshi performed in the grading, having to step in as a spare fighter in the Yondan grading and having to practice in a fair and even manner for both his wife and the other Yondan candidate. He showed great maturity in his practice and must have been in a very difficult position. I am sure he has gained a great deal from this practice.
A good expression of the dojo’s depth and ability.