London Godou Keiko

On the 17th June the Dojo held an open practise for all central London clubs four out of the eight clubs were present and there were around 45 kendoka enjoying there kendo.

Humm sensei opened the practice by welcome the guest to our dojo and explaining that the purpose of the inviting everyone was to take this opportunity to enjoy one of the great advantages of being a BKA member and exercising our right to practise at any dojo. With London having eight dojo’s in less than 15mins of each other we often don’t visit each other or inform our students that this is possible and excepted within the practise of kendo.

The class started with 15 minutes of Kirikaiashi followed by another 15mins of light uchikomi to warm up then straight in free practise in the marigeiko format. About an hour into the keiko Humm sensei stop the practise to and inform everyone that the free practice had changed its content and that we should all be careful not to lose focus of the aim of the evening meeting and that now that we had become tried we should concentrate on keeping good posture and basic skills at a high level and this would help the next time we found ourselves at this point our body would remember these actions.

The group carried on for another 15 minutes with this in mind we then ended with a few rounds of Kirikaiashi. Everyone had a good (well this was the talk in the pub a while later) and Humm sensei said that he would arrange for another practise in the near furture.

We would like to thank all those who attended and look forward to seeing more members from all the dojo’s