Kata Taikai 21st June 2009

This year’s taikai was held at our dojo at the end of the first day of the national Kata seminar. This year there were 12 pairs taking part, the level of ability was high, more so due to spending four hours before the taikai practising all the forms.
There were also a few people from a local Iaido dojo who took part which brought back the taikai to its original theme and purpose to form a link between both BU’s.

The was a lot of tension among the participates and the referees also showed a great deal of concentration as every movement was watched and carefully judged

Before the taikai started Len Bean Sensei gave a demonstration of Iai-do and a breakdown of what was happening in each technique, this was of great interest and showed that the two disciplines can work well together by using Kata as a common point of reference.

The takai was very closely run and the final wins won with very polished performances with strong feeling and good spirit.

First: Stewart Daniels and Frank Fung
Second: Gerardus Rukas and BenThar Mourad
Third: Dillon Lin and David 

This taikai was followed by the Senior section in which 12 people took part (all 3rd Dan and above). Each person had to perform three forms randomly selected from all 10 forms and undertake both Uchidachi and Shidachi roles. Each bout was run in a knock-out system each adding to the enjoyment of those watching and unlike a Kendo shiai the result is not know until both rei on completing the forms. Each member watching seemed to be choosing their own favourites and support was strong and well meaning.

First: Paul Gray
Second: Jeff Martin
Third: Yukiko Miyamura

 This event was good for the dojo and we were told that the club would be running it for the next few years.

Report & Photos by Nari Arjan