We live in an increasingly diverse multicultural society where people need to integrate and understand those around them in their daily life. London particularly finds itself the centre of this collection of varied faiths and cultural groups.

Physical activities can be both beneficial for health and also act as a social adhesive. A report from the United Nations (2002) draws attention to the many benefits of physical activities namely: personal growth, health and the promotion of peace and harmony.

The promotion of peace through cross-cultural participation is particularly pertinent to our project. Importantly, the UN report stated that culture-based physical activities (especially those that endorse fair play and cooperation) that come from another region or culture, build an understanding of diversity, that is, an understanding of one’s own identity and that of others taking part.

The UN report details how skills taught in well-constructed activities can promote peace and harmony by teaching respect, honesty, co-operation and empathy. Social dialogue though these activities highlights the similarities between people and removes prejudice. It promotes a greater understanding and tolerance of cultural differences. Such an understanding can have a powerful positive impact in the community.

Kendo fits all these elements and the present membership of the Foundation shows this at work.