Tokyo City Promotion

Six members and I give six demonstrations over two days at the Tokyo city promotion at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre on the 30th & 1st January. Around six thousand people attended of two days. Our demonstrations draw the biggest audiences each time.

The demonstration was in three sections starting with present day Kendo. Showing the main cutting target then moving on to various waza and practice drills finishing with Keiko and a small Shiai for one point. Satoshi & Alex on the first day and Alex and Jeff on the second.

Then Kendo no kata was explained and the first five forms were shown, this was performed by Yuki and Paul.

The final part of the demonstration was given by Jeff & Natasha, this was made up of some Ryu ha forms and a tachi-ai of the first seven forms of the kendo no kata.

Both days were long and very tiring and in between demonstrations the team spent its time back stage resting and waiting for the next set.

The event went well and the organisers gave a donation to the Hizen Foundation for its member’s effort on the day to promote Japanese culture.

Photos by Jeff, Chi and Armando.