London Cup 2013

On Saturday the 4th of May, Hizen entered a team into the 2013 London cup. In the first pool, we were matched against Scotland and North West 1 mostly composed of 3rd dan grades and national team members. All Hizen members showed good kendo, specifically the posture was kept straight and the cuts were nice and clean. None of the players was easily beaten, they gave their best and it has been perceived that way. Unfortunately, Hizen team did not succeed against any of the oposing teams, which both ended up joint third in the tournament. It was a great experience and it will benefit everyone as they progress in their kendo. Special thanks to everyone who came to cheer up, take pictures and videos.

On the 5th of May, Antoine took part in the individual competition. He won against Sato, a jodan player from Tora (thanks Armando), and lost against Leong from Scotland. The last game was tight and even, with the opponent showing good kendo. It was an enjoyable experience.

Well done to everyone, taking part and learning is more important than winner.