Lithuania March 2010

Last weekend I return to Lithuania to help train the selected team members for the forth coming European Kendo Championships in Hungary and the growing numbers of new students now finding Kendo in there country.

I have been visiting Lithuania now for just over five years and each time I return I’m meeting with more people and even keener face wishing to learn Kendo.

This time was no exception, each practise was very well attended the now senior members (only Nidan) were keen to show that they had been working hard teaching the others with the little experience they have and by sticking to the basics they have done very well indeed.

If they carry on with this level of improvement it will not be long before they will show as much skill as the enthusiasm which they approach there daily practise.
There also seems to be a trend that many Lithuania ladies are coming to join the newly opened Dojo in the Capitals University and there new target is to entry a female team into next years European Championships in Poland. I’m sure they will be able to do so.

On Saturday morning the day started with a 2hour practise for the National Team members and three ladies who will attend the individuals this year. Covered were various points to help them with taking part in the taikai and for each individual’s personal preparation. We then change dojo were the other members join us, this time I covered the basics and the introduced some waza to the practise for the first time.

Sunday was spent covering Kendo no Kata and to my surprise all present were able to practise the first five forms without problems. So I gave a lecture on the origins of the forms and other relevant information on the practice and its benefits to everyone Kendo in general.

I feel that everone enjoyed the weekend and it was a good feeling to teach a group of keen and interested people.

Report: J. Humm

Photo: LT.Kendo & J.Humm