Why Practise Kendo?

You will encounter many people who ask you this question, but however simple it may seem, it is often difficult to provide a short and definite answer. This is because all of us have different reasons for practising – many come for the physical aspect, others for the moral learning, others for the spiritual aura attached to the martial art. However, it demonstrates knowledge and deep understanding to be aware of all these aspects, as they are indeed, all closely knitted together and there cannot be advancement unless all aspects are considered and developed at the same time. It is this distinctive feature that makes kendo a particularly interesting art to practise.

Physical development

As in many other sports, through constant exercise you can improve and maintain your body’s fitness and health. In particular, kendo focuses on the development of agility and speed. Muscle power, as in most martial arts, is not particularly important, making kendo particularly suitable for women. Posture and poise are also developed which is really important. You will be amazed at how differently you will be perceived by your friends after only a few months of practising.

Mental development

The power of concentration is developed in kendo to its highest degree. The power to concentrate is useful, especially for students, but kendo also develops the ability to focus on essentials while constantly maintaining a broad view of the whole matter, circumstances or event. The physical development of agility is always combined with mental agility and speed. Decision-making and self-confidence are greatly enhanced, as is the ability to accept responsibility for your actions through the harness of the training.


Through constant exercise, you will increase your own ability, and gain respect for elders, teachers and fellow students.

Attitudes regarding safety

Practising kendo:
  • develops alertness
  • develops good reflexes (instant judgement in the face of danger)
  • develops common sense
  • develops a sense of responsibility for oneself and for others
  • does not harm anyone or anything.

In conclusion, it is this physical and mental as well as spiritual training that makes kendo particularly suitable to form, temper and strengthen one’s character. In its apparent simplicity is hidden the secret of self-development.