Hizen Summer Taikai 15th August 2009

This years Hizen Summer Taikai was well attended with over 40 members present.
After spending a few minutes preparing the hall, the draw for the mixed teams was ready to start. The format of the taikai is that all members that have a DAN grade are given a one point handicap and those members of SAN dan and above referee.

Three names are picked randomly and the order they are selected is the fighting order for the team. The teams are then put in pools with the winners going through into a knock-out.
This year the level of Kendo had improved and there were some very good points scored and a wide range of waza used. After three hours of action packed, high tension kendo the results are as follows:

1st place
Julian Biddulph
Mendogas Sakalauska
Chi Fung

2nd place
Hitesh Ajran
Dillon Lin
Kyeong Cha

3rd place
Natasa Nogic
Toufik Zemri
Victoria Plaksijenko

Best Shikake waza: Minaxi Ajran
Best Oji waza: Natasa Nogic
Fighting spirit: Victoria Plaksijenko

Humm Sensei oversaw the refereeing and taikai, giving advice to the senior members of the dojo and helping them improve there skills.

Following this taikai the bi-yearly senior cup was next. This year 8 of the 12 SAN dans in the dojo took part in a round robin taikai. The Yondan and Godan members refereed the matches.

The bouts are Ippon shobu so the tension is high and the desire to be the best was showing in all the faces of the members. The support was great from the juniors, which pushed the seniors to show some great kendo after a long and close taikai
Phil Wilson was the winner.

The day was ended with an hour of free practice which helped a few people resolve some points and this followed the dojos annual general meeting and dinner.
It was a fine and full day where everyone seemed to enjoy the taikai with friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Report by Somu

Photos by Sayeed Shaikh