Happy New Year

Dear Members,
I hope everyone one had a great holiday and had time to relax and enjoy family and friends and maybe indulge and pamper yourselves. Now I am pleased to inform you that we are back in action in our new Dojo.
The later months of last year saw the old school halls knocked down and a large refurbishment start, we lost practise due to this and numbers and events dropped.
As you can see the building is now open and the time we waited and struggled has paid off by giving us a brand new dojo with a sprung floor without lines, air-conditioning and white light making the dojo bright and welcoming.    

We start back on the 4th at 7pm-9pm with the first day of Kangeiko, with the New Year and a new dojo we must all use this chance to renew our Kendo study and practice.

There will be many changes so please come with a fresh mind and take on board all the corrections that are given to you over the coming year. As always I will gave myself to you all and try to establish a foundation of traditional kendo that will set the way of others will wish to be part of or stand back in admiration.

        ‘’There is no smaller or great mastery than the mastery of oneself ‘’

I look forward to the challenge.
Jeff Humm