End of year report

As you can see there has not been any posts this our 30th year, this has been due to all our time and energy going into the up grade of the new website and settling into our new dojo.

So we would like to add a short summary of the events and news of this that we have not time to do.

Its has been a successful year for grading’s with the following passing;

Fai Fung 4th Dan

Jeff Martin 4th Dan

Steve McDonald 3rd Dan

Armando Alemder 3rd Dan

  • Tatos Shahbazian 2nd Dan
  • Minaxi Arjan 2nd Dan
  • Antoine Bisch 2nd Dan
  • Simon Jobbins 1st Dan
  • Endre Svzetnik 1st Dan

This years mixed taikai and senior Taikai in house where won by and they are not related. With relation to events the dojo has taken part in all the BKA kendo events and seminars this year and came third in the National team event at the Bowden taikaiand fighting spirit was awarded at the National individuals to Tatos Shahbazian.Tatos also won this year Hizen 18-30 Challenge.

Additionally we took part in the Japan Matsuri in Trafalgar square

RMT through Bob Crow made a donation of £1000 for helping promote Kendo in the local community

It had been a slow year for recruitment but the last few months have seen a change with a large number of people starting which has help the stabilise the numbers attending a regular practice at good level.

In the New Year you may see a national posters campaign by Mazda Car’s which will feature a Kendoka cutting well this is of one of our members Chi Fung

Everything looks bright and prosperous for 2013 and new and old members welcome everyone in the BKA to join our week long Kangeiko ( winter training) which starts on the 3rd January at 7pm and run’s though to the 10th(Saturday and Sunday practices will start a 10am.)

We welcome you all.