Chiba Sensei Seminar & BKA National Taikai & Grading 3-5th July 2009

Last weekend was a very full one for some members of the dojo. Starting on Friday, around ten members and myself went down to Brighton to attend: firstly a seminar lead by Chiba sensei 8th Dan Hanshi (3 times all Japan champion) and then the BKA National taikai followed by a grading.

Around sixty people attended both days of the seminar with all the leading British 7th Dans also in attendance; the event was full to the brim. Chiba sensei in his open and frank manner conducted the seminar with a mastery that can only come from this level of teacher. From beginner to the most advance present each and everyone gained new information and confirmation from the content of both days. All the Hizen members worked hard and seemed to catch the eye of Chiba sensei, positive comments on everyone’s understanding of the points he was showing. This shows again that the current training plan is on the right track. Special commendation was given to N. Nogic from Chiba sensei during the seminar.

Everything from basic cutting action to advanced waza training was covered over the two full days of the seminar and practising 6 hours each day started to take effect and it was evident the improvement of all those present.

Each day ended with Chiba sensei and the British higher ranks taking part in an motodachi keiko with the members.

Sunday, the last day, was a day of stress, pressure and relief – The BKA National Taikai and grading.
Dojo members carried on the good form from the two previous days but slowly knock each other out of the taikai and becoming a typical sight was the battle between Paul Gray and Jeff Martin. These two gentlemen who seem to be drawn against each other at every event had their now usual battle.

The ladies event was the same but the final outcome was much better with Alex Burch winning this year’s Ladies National Championship.

The final event of the day was the grading. This too was not without its twists and turns with Nari Arjan passing Shodan, Steve McDonald passing Nidan and Phil Wilson passing Sandan.
In total the whole weekend was a great event and I think everyone present will be booking their place for next year.

Report by J.Humm
Photos by J.Martin & N. Arjan