We will facilitate and run a venue for the practice of kendo and other, complementary activities.

The centre will be the first permanent venue for the practice of kendo in the UK, serve a diverse local community, offering a welcoming environment to minority and ethnic interest sports, and will promote cross-cultural understanding.

Our strategy to meet our aims includes:

  1. identifying premises suitable for use as, or conversion to, a permanent home for kendo
  2. raising funds from our own activities and from suitable funding bodies
  3. securing a venue, planning and implementing the fitting out and launching of the venue as a going concern.

Once we have secured a venue, we would continue by:

  1. Providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for people from ethnic minority communities to participate in kendo and other activities by:
    • promoting our mission by creating a welcome pack explaining the aims of the Foundation
    • providing key material in own language if required.
  2. Promoting the benefits of participation in sport through media that portray people of a multicultural background. We will do this through:
    • the Foundation’s website
    • press releases in local media and community information sheets.
  3. Communicating the benefits of traditional martial arts as a physical activity as well as personal development by:
    • creating personal profiles and recommendations by members on Foundation website.
  4. Promoting understanding of, and respect for cultural or religious needs of the members  through:
    • open days and forums
    • press releases in local media and community service offices.